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Our multidisciplinary team is highly skilled, knowledgeable and has many years of expertise from around the world.
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Foam Glass Aggregates wouldn’t exist without our first-rate products, and ongoing research and development.
With a deep understanding of recycling and urban mining in the U.S. and abroad, our product development team creates new product lines to meet future industry needs and exceed environmental expectations.

Product Development Team

Technical Team

Our technical team gets going on the details.
These details include the proprietary makeup of the product to be sure it can perform in the intended environment and support best management practice from factory to the client. An advanced Quality Assurance Program helps our technical team to recognize and continuesly improve the performance of our Foam Glass Aggregates.

Technical Team

Dedicated to making the sales process smooth and easy and with deep knowledge of the universal application of Foam Glass Aggregates , our sales team is experienced in working nationally and internationally on all different types of projects. Our sales team helps you choose the material you need.

Sales Team

One of our trademark is a company-wide commitment to excellent customer service. Once you choose Foam Glass Aggregates, we continuously monitor your project from purchase to delivery.  We help you with installtion guidiance and construction proffesionals in the planning phase or onsite. 

Customer Service Team

Logistics for bulk material delivery require precise planning and are some of the trickier puzzles we encounter, but don’t worry. We are experts and have delivered Foam Glass Aggregates all over the U.S., over continents, and we’ve seen everything.
Together with you we make everything posssible!

Logistics Team


Construction stone, sand or rocks are heavy. Shipping and handling is costly.

Lightweight aggregates (LWAs) are less heavy than stone or sand.

Ulta lightweight aggregates like Foam Glass Gravel are saving the most shipping handlings costs and they are easy to install. 1 truck load instead of 5 truck loads


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Foam Glass Aggregates are versitile
Closed Cell or Open Cell - the right material for your project.


Project Selection

Foam Glass Gravel has been used in Europe for more than 20 years and it is now available in North America!                         


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Each project is different and we make it work. Project specific quotes will help you in the process.



we are your experienced partner for a building a Foam Glass production plant or to help with a project.  



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FGA Academy will also provide seminars and technical training.



Our team are experts from the USA, Switzerland, and Germany. 100 years of combined experience.


Foam Glass Aggregates
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