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Foam Glass Aggregates are the most versatile construction materials of the 21st century. Sustainable, resilient, and made from 100% recycled glass.
Foam Glass Aggregates reduce the urban waste stream.

Use in Construction

Foam Glass Gravel technology has evolved over the last 3 decades all over Europe and it is now readily available in North America.

Foam glass aggregates are highly versatile because of its unique characteristics of light weight, load bearing, draining and insulating properties.

Foam glass aggregates are a sustainable replacement for traditional building materials.

The ultra lightweight of foam glass aggregates reduces shipping and handling costs, can be installed easily, is the most sustainable replacement for traditional materials, and can fully replace Polystrene/Geofoam.

Foam glass aggregates are structurally sound and the best management practice for structural soils.


Use in Horticulture

 ...the more healthy and resilient the plants. Open cell foam glass aggregates are widely used in horticulure, hydroponics, natural retention layers on green roofs or expand the rooting depth on roof gardens or planters.

The light weight combined with excellent water retention, and nutrient exchange capacity makes foam glass aggregates the best choice on any ground disconnected or ground remote location.

Foam glass aggregates outperform, mineral wool products, polystyrene blocks, perlite or vermiculite and creates a natural soil horizon resiltant against environmental impacts.

Foam glass aggregates is a fully recyclable material that can be recovered in a closed loop over and over again.


Use in Bio Retention

Rain gardens, BioRetention fields, stormwater infiltration systems remove a wide range of pollutants, such as suspended solids, nutrients, metals, hydrocarbons, and bacteria.
They reduce peak runoff rates and increase stormwater infiltration when designed as a multi-stage, multi-function facility. Milk-crate type plastic systems can only function as a holding area for water and they have limited life span. Foam glass aggregates function on ALL levels, last for centuries and perfectly mimic natural water treatments systems.
State-of-the-art civil engineering with foam glass aggregates, reduces complicated solutions, makes the instalation easy and is structurally stable. Foam glass aggregates are Earth friendly and chemically neutral.
By blending closed cell with open cell aggregates, systems can be customized to specific needs.



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Foam Glass Aggregates are versitile
Closed Cell or Open Cell - the right material for your project.


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Foam Glass Gravel has been used in Europe for more than 20 years and it is now available in North America!                         


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