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Expertise for your needs

Whether it is one project, multiple projects, or you want a production plant for Foam Glass Gravel / Aggregates.
We are the competent partner with the most and longest experience in the world. 

Collaborations, Partnerships, Consulting

Expert experience from professionals who have over 80 years of combined experience with Foam Glass Gravel or Foam Glass Aggregate in engineering, installation, and production with affliations in Europe and North America. 

Foam Glass Factory

Foam Glass Aggregate Factory

delivers technology and machinery for production plants of:

Foam Glass Granulate
Foam Glass Gravel


Foam Glass Aggregates in Projects

Collaborating with you on your project is our strength. We help you to source and specify the right ultra lightweight aggregates tailored for your project, maximizing the outcome, longevity, and sustainability.

Building a Foam Glass Aggregate Factory

Our experienced team combines engineering competence with extensive production knowledge for manufacturing of closed cell foam glass gravel and open cell foam glass aggregates.

We install custom tailored melting furnaces, grinding mills, cleaning, sieving and blending units with the highest ROI.

Additionally our competence team deals with sourcing materials (a.k.a. urban mining), marketing and product education. 

Using Foam Glass Aggregates in your Project

In Europe foam glass aggregates and foam glass gravel are established building materials for over 30 years.
In North America we were the first company who implemented foam glass gravel in construction projects together with cutting edge Architects and civil engineering firms.
We founded the Foam Glass Aggregate Acadademy to make the American construction compaies familiar with the best, latest, and most effiecient installtion methods.
Foam Glass Aggregates the building material of the 21st century.


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Foam Glass Aggregates are versitile
Closed Cell or Open Cell - the right material for your project.


Project Selection

Foam Glass Gravel has been used in Europe for more than 20 years and it is now available in North America!                         


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Each project is different and we make it work. Project specific quotes will help you in the process.



we are your experienced partner for a building a Foam Glass production plant or to help with a project.  



Here you find news and helpful information.
FGA Academy will also provide seminars and technical training.



Our team are experts from the USA, Switzerland, and Germany. 100 years of combined experience.


Foam Glass Aggregates
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